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Andy Shauf – I Don't Really (175 plays)


my heart simultaneously swells and breaks listening to this song.

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Rachel caught me eating a sandwich in the bathroom.

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Andy Shauf – How Long (199 plays)

there’s a saying in my mind, I’ve heard it before
they’re the kind of words that you start to ignore
it’s less of a truth than a question of time,
that good things come to those who wait
so how long will I wait?

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Once it gets to be later than 1 am, I am instantly dissatisfied with myself and my life.

Andy Shauf – In Town (413 plays)


In Town - Andy Shauf

I will be back in town in seven days if your around
To smile and wave and expect what won’t be found
I’ll kiss you if you let me anyway

You, Me & Everyone We Know – A Symptom (509 plays)


A Symptom - You, Me & Everyone We Know

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Wednesday night my piece ‘Child’s Mind’ was performed by the Cadillac Moon Ensemble. 

Pemaquid Point Light
Pemaquid, Maine

Pemaquid Point Light

Pemaquid, Maine