look at this poorly designed web page from 2001 with a ton of angry emails and chat logs from nerds who were really really REALLY pissed off at the fact that in the legend of zelda: ocarina of time if you adjust the camera and look through a window in hyrule castle you can see some paintings of mario characters as an easter egg

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Post bath sad Duncan

Post bath sad Duncan

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Andy Shauf – I Don't Really (295 plays)


my heart simultaneously swells and breaks listening to this song.

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Rachel caught me eating a sandwich in the bathroom.

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Andy Shauf – How Long (199 plays)

there’s a saying in my mind, I’ve heard it before
they’re the kind of words that you start to ignore
it’s less of a truth than a question of time,
that good things come to those who wait
so how long will I wait?

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Once it gets to be later than 1 am, I am instantly dissatisfied with myself and my life.

Andy Shauf – In Town (413 plays)


In Town - Andy Shauf

I will be back in town in seven days if your around
To smile and wave and expect what won’t be found
I’ll kiss you if you let me anyway